Andrew Hollins

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Seeking sustenance

Sometimes you get lucky and on this occasion I think I got very lucky, as the hover fly was about to touchdown.

Beach huts

A different take on the colourful beach huts in Southwold.

Well are you going to sit there or give me a hand?

When collecting the material to build her nest, the blackbird allowed me to get closer and closer, almost to the point where she was more interested in what I was doing.

When I shut me mouth tight, steam comes out me ears, you try it!

Two really great characters so obviously enjoying their passion, this wonderful traction engine, the apparent steam coming from his ears was just a bonus, some say the chain spoils the photo, I felt it made it authentic?

Black walnut, Nunnington

Glorious autumn colours on a truly majestic tree

Royal Arcade, Norwich

Eye catching, as it has been so superbly restored

The planets

Night sky in N. Yorkshire!


Couldn’t resist taking this great look