Colin Dilcock

All photographs are copyright of Colin Dilcock.
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My photographic journey started as a teenager and developed initially to assist my teaching and conservation work. After joining the Club in the 1980’s my skills improved with the friendship and guidance of fellow members.

I enjoy most forms of photography and welcome new challenges. Having honed my skills in the slide period, with the need to get the image right in camera, I still try to do this with digital, to end up with only minor adjustments in post processing.

I particularly like wildlife and conservation, travel, environmental portraits, architecture and sport photography. Over the last six years I have been the official photographer for Helmsley Walled Garden, which has led to many images being published in newspaper, magazines, publicity materials and through social media.

Falconry Team 

I am delighted to be invited each year to join a group of Falconers on the local moors. I managed to capture this shot in the late afternoon sun soon after the Peregrine Falcon had caught a Red Grouse. The handler was knelt down recovering his bird, it’s prey and sorting his Pointer dogs. Although not posed, I just managed to capture this shot with everyone looking at the camera, including the dogs and the Peregrine exercising it’s wings.


I managed to capture this shot with both the Hawker and the Goshawk looking for suitable prey to try and hunt on our local moors. The female Goshawk is a top predator, very fast and powerful. One of my other pastimes is raptor conservation and study, therefore it’s a real treat to see these birds in action.

Laburnum Arch, Helmsley Walled Garden

The Laburnum Arch at the Helmsley Walled Garden is normally at its best in late May with its intense yellow flowers attracting many visitors to the Garden. It was sad that this year due to Covid-19 visitors didn’t get a chance to see it for themselves.

Palau de les Arts, Valencia

The opera house of Valencia designed by Santiago Calatrava and opened in 2005 is a magical building. I particularly like the symmetry of this shot picked out against the Spanish blue sky. I’m also amazed at the detail modern cameras can record, even when handheld in this case.

Sossusvlei Dune 

One of the many high dunes in Sossusvlei in Namibia lending itself to a monochrome conversion bringing out some of the details in the moving sands. The shapes of the dunes slowly change with the wind and moving sand plus, in some cases, visitors climbing to the top.

Triathlon Runner

It’s always good to capture athletes at the peak of their game. Caught at the Castle Howard Triathlon, this runner went onto win his class. It always gives me pleasure to pass on such images to the competitors and allow them to use them for their social media.

Welcome Drink

African Elephants caught at a watering hole in Etosha National Park in Namibia. The Park had not seen any rain for three years when this was taken and the few watering holes gave a welcome opportunity to drink after also finding it hard to find food. Elephants lend themselves to monochrome conversion bringing out the textures of their hides.

Wild Flower Meadow, Helmsley Walled Garden

The annual wildflower meadow at Helmsley Walled Garden produces a splash of colour to the garden before the main borders come into their best. Helmsley Castle makes for a nice backdrop in the scene.