Geoff LLoyd

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I am an enthusiastic amateur taking pictures for my own pleasure, probably getting most enjoyment at present out of trying to master my camera, with all its many confusing setting permutations, and the associated editing software; a good finished picture is a bonus. I used to walk a dog but now it is the camera that gives me a reason to explore the countryside. I have no favoured subject yet and tend towards just spotting something that might make a good picture, any planning at this stage of my photo career is usually just to find a subject to test a technique.
Tree Bumblebee, Blackbird at Evensong, and Sparrow Life Cycle were all taken in the garden during lockdown.
Fryup Dale and the Wood Ant were on very recent forays out.

Tree Bumblebee
Blackbird at Evensong
Sparrow Life Cycle
Fryup Dale
Wood Ant