Harry Kingman

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‘Jack of all trades’

I got back into photography almost 20 years ago when I took early retirement and I still get a thrill whenever I release the shutter.

I love to travel, to see the scenery, the architecture, the wildlife, and the people but, also, I like to learn about the history and the culture.

Since Covid raised its ugly head, my photography has been seriously restricted, to mainly within walking distance of home and a couple of trips to the coast when allowed. But we did manage a cruise in July, from Portsmouth to Aberdeen visiting many remote islands on the way. It was wonderful.

Blue throated barbet
A stunning, colourful bird, this was taken in Bhutan from the side of the road on the way from Punakha to the Phobjikha Valley at an altitude of around 2000m.

Just waiting
Returning from Bhutan we stopped for a couple of nights in Kathmandu, walking around Patan Durbar Square I noticed this man sheltering from the rain, I was drawn to his clothing and the way he kept his eye on his bowl in which he was accepting offerings.

Bulmer Hag
Taken one misty morning during lockdown whilst walking our dog from home.

Himalayan Blue Poppy
In May this year this Himalayan Poppy that we had planted a couple of years ago, produced this stunning blue bloom.

Black-backed gull
Whilst cruising along the shoreline of Ailsa Craig in a Zodiac, I spotted this gull about to land. A zodiac is a great place to see wildlife but isn’t the ideal platform for photography.

The gannets on and around the stacks of St Kilda were amazing, at least a hundred thousand pairs. The stacks were white with shoulder-to-shoulder gannets and from a distance the flying birds were as dense as midges. Adults would also fly alongside the ship on their way to the fishing grounds. It was impossible to get a shot with the near and far birds in focus, so I produced this composite image.

I didn’t realise how challenging it is to capture Terns in flight, they are so fast and attempt to ‘bomb’ those creating a disturbance, with some effort and practice I managed this shot on Fair Isle and also avoided the poo attack.

Puffin with catch
Puffins (and Penguins) must be the cutest of birds and it was just pure joy sitting on a grassy bank overlooking the cliffs of Fair Isle surrounded by Puffins. I was lucky to capture this chap returning from a fishing trip, with a beak full of Sand Eels before he disappeared into his burrow.

Callanish Stones
The Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis are an arrangement of standing stones placed in a cruciform pattern with a central stone circle. They were erected in the late Neolithic era and were a focus for ritual activity during the Bronze Age. It would be great to be there at sunrise or sunset but at mid-day it was difficult to avoid the tourists.