Ivan Martin

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As a young boy I was passed down from my father one of his old 35mm SLR cameras and was always excited sending the film off for developing. As I reached my teens other interests took over and I did not return to photography until a trip to New Zealand in 2006 prompted me to buy a Sony bridge camera.

After purchasing my first mobile phone with a half decent camera (an LG with manual mode camera functionality) this was my go to device for several years until I felt I was ready to improve not only my skills but the type and quality of photographs I could produce.

In 2017 I purchased my first Olympus mirrorless camera and have since added a second camera body along with several lenses and other pieces of photographic equipment.

My camera goes everywhere with me and I photograph pretty much anything that sparks my creative nature and gives me a new challenge.

Check out more of my images at https://www.instagram.com/ivanmartinphotography/


Windy Walkers

This was taken on one of my regular visits to Northumberland where I had jumped out of the car on a rather blustery day to grab a couple of shots. I was fortunate to get the two people braving the weather with their dogs which made an average photo something special. Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle are visible in the background to add extra interest.

Bee Macro

During lockdown and the restrictions of one form of exercise a day I began taking a lot more photos of wildlife while out on our daily bike ride. I captured many images of common birds, butterflies and insects like this bee eagerly collecting nectar. This is not a true macro shot as it was taken using a zoom lens rather than a dedicated macro lens.

East Pier Whitby

My preferred genre of photography is landscape which I find relaxing and therapeutic after a week behind an office desk. I generally do not plan my shots other than turning up to a location and see what I can make of the situation. I had decided to head to Whitby for an early start as the new East Pier extension had recently opened and offered some new possibilities image wise.

Ellerburn Mountain Bikers

We drove on to Ellerburn for a short walk, said hello to the horses in the field, watched the salmon jumping at the fish farm and I came away with this lovely shot of a group of mountain bikers returning from a session on the trails at Dalby.

Isolation Reflection

Always looking for an opportunity to take some photos I had set off early to drop my car in for a service and called in at The Mere. I had actually gone to shoot some wildlife but ended up taking this long exposure shot with the morning fog offering some lovely separation from the background. As we were still in lockdown it seemed apt to name this image Isolation Reflection.


Another shot from a family walk and this time I was lucky enough to turn around and fire off a few shots of this swan making a landing approach. Wildlife photography has thrown new challenges my way which I have really enjoyed.


I spent a good half day at my kitchen table learning more about macro photography, playing with flowers, dandelion seeds, and a water sprayer. This is an image I intend to redo at some point once I have improved my macro techniques as although very frustrating at times it was good fun and most rewarding.

Whitby Sunrise

In this exhibition I have tried to include a range of images, I am not a specialist in any one area … I just love being behind the lens and will try my hand at anything. This final shot is a return to one of my favorite locations and a gorgeous summer sunrise. I grabbed a couple of shots and sat back with my flask of tea to enjoy the view.