Janet Burdon

I’ve been interested in photography for many years, but my current photography is mixture of traditional and contemporary genres, though these days tending towards the more experimental and creative styles. I like to push the boundaries of my creativity using the camera as a tool to record the effects ‘in camera’, rather than produce them later on the computer, so all the images below were created in camera with only minimal post processing to produce the grids and monochrome conversions.

I’m very interested in the work of impressionist artists such as J M W Turner, Claude Monet, and they have been a great influence on my photography journey. Despite the Covid induced travel restrictions, 2020 and 2021 have been very productive years for me photographically, as I have concentrated on floral and experimental photography at home and in my local vicinity.

Allium schubertii

A series of images of an Allium shot using a Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens to give a soft, dreamy, impressionist feel.

Pasque seeds (Alien invasion)

A set of seed heads from a Pasque Flower. They almost look alien to me.

Two Tulips

I bought these white tulips with a view to photographing them. The soft focus of the Lensbaby adds a lovely glow to the tulips.


We discovered a fabulous Bluebell wood in the spring of this year and spent may hours photographing these delicate flowers.


A selection of images exploring the theme of water.

Hebridean Blues

This is a set of images from a beach on the Isle of Mull. The colours of the coast in the Hebrides are a joy to behold, but I wanted to capture the essence and the feel of what I was seeing.

Paddy’s Hole

Paddy’s Hole is a truly unique and fascinating place. These images are all multiple exposures made in camera that try to capture the essence of this unique location.

TunedIn, Redcar

The TunedIn building in Redcar is a fascinating modern building with sweeping curves and straight lines. I felt it really lent itself to a more artistic interpretation of the building, rather than capture a literal, record image.