Jim Cavanagh

All photographs are copyright of Jim Cavanagh.
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I’m a semi-retired civil engineer, enjoying touring our island in the elusive (obsessive?) quest for sunsets, sunrises and clear skies for astrophotography – always trying to get the “depth of feeling”, rather than just the “depth of field”.

Clavel Tower

A blend of two astrophotography images (20 seconds stars (ISO 2500)/ 4 minutes (ISO
1000) foreground), taken at 4am (just into astronomical twilight) at Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. The whole
Jurassic Coast Area has many of my favourite astro sites and May is generally the best time at this south-
facing location – less tourists, less pollution, reasonable total darkness duration (12-3am) and the bright
core of the milky way is visible (albeit at around 2:30am).

Norway Aurora Burst

2am in the Lofoten islands, with a mesmerising aurora stretching the full width of the sky that lasted 20 minutes (only really decent night during the trip). Eight seconds, ISO 3200 was actually too long an exposure, but the intensity and speed of the pulsating, multi-coloured curtains of light caught us by surprise!

Hamnoy Huts

A popular winter location in the Lofoten Islands – unfortunately no sun that morning, but dawn came at a leisurely 10am to give us a break from the long nights (4am) of our astrophotography trip. Quite a memorable holiday – escaping from a head-on collision by sliding into a ditch, and the van door dropped off a few days later!

Uttakleiv Calm

Following a wild and unfruitful night waiting for the aurora (50mph hailstones), the relative calm next day allowed for a two second exposure to capture the movement of the waves on the Norwegian coast.

Path to Roseberry

The sun just managed to peep out from the clouds to light up the heather at one of my favourite autumn locations above Great Ayton.

Autumn at West Beck

A blend of two long exposures (water / trees), taken last Autumn downstream of Mallyan Spout following a period of heavy rain, dodging the crowds of ‘selfie’ tourists at the waterfall.

Last Rays at Millenium Cross

A seven-shot bracketed image, blended in Photomatix Pro, to capture the full dynamic range of the autumn sunset overlooking Rosedale.

Studley Royal Mushrooms

Being too late catching the autumn rutting season (stags sat around eating grass), I tried a contre-jour shot of a pleasing set of 3 mushrooms – I left them for others to enjoy and didn’t fry them up for breakfast!