Joyce Kingman

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I really enjoy creating a record which takes me back to special moments and places and without which memories would soon fade. My compact camera is usually in my pocket.

Nicosia Sunshades

Umbrellas provided shade over a street filled with cafés in the bright sunshine of Northern Cyprus

Mateus Manor reflection

People of a certain age will remember drinking Mateus Rosé on special occasions in the 70’s. This Manor featured on the label, as a sign of quality, though the grapes used were not from this particular Portuguese vineyard.

Soft Pink Rose

This flower was photographed in the garden at Nunnington Hall. The outer petals were damaged, so I cropped the image and was pleased with the effect.

Healthy Option

The river market in Valdivia in Chile last November was full of colourful fruit which glowed in the sunshine.

Osorno Volcano

This beautiful volcano in southern Chile, viewed from the waterfalls in the Petrohué River. The volcano is often not even visible so we were incredibly lucky to see these stunning colours in perfect conditions.

Guanaco Grazing

The guanaco is the iconic animal of the high Andes. We were fortunate to see this herd grazing in the Torres del Paine national park.

Casa Rosada

Buenos Aries in December was full of colourful trees and plants. The famous Casa Rosada really did glow pink in the bright sunshine and agapanthus filled the nearby flower bed.

Homes in la Boca

This area of Buenos Aries, by the river, is a popular destination for tourists, with its colourful houses and pedestrian street, the Caminito, where tango artists perform.