Julie Cowdy

All photographs are copyright of Julie Cowdy.
No photos may be reproduced in any form without the prior consent of the owner.

I am a photographer based in the Howardian Hills area of North Yorkshire.

My work is best described as Photo Artistry. It is informed and inspired by my journey through art; I’ve been a fashion designer, art teacher and property presenter, until I retired, and realised how interesting and rewarding photography can be.

My work covers different genres including narrative, still life and floral subjects. Botanical art has always interested me and I find fascinating details in wilting flowers. 

My images have been exhibited in magazines, both weekly publications and online, in regional and International salons and in a solo exhibition, held in Helmsley in March 2019.

Through post-processing techniques I try to create unique results, combining my original images with painted and photographed textures. The result is creative photography which often tells stories to engender emotional responses.

Surreal Sunflowers

Created by combining several images, to lead the viewer on a journey of the imagination.

Autumn Child

A composite image, created with a portrait and a selection of images and colours on an autumnal theme.


Winter Child

A composite image, which uses a portrait with the tones adapted to fit the wintery landscape and other seasonal artefacts. Created using digital brushes, layers and layer masks in Photoshop.

Dust to Dust

A visual metaphor of the passing of time.

Hanging Roses

From my evolving series “Fruits of the Earth”, this is inspired by Redouté’s 19th century botanical illustrations. I’ve given this a twist with the inclusion of vintage paper and frames.

Hanging Sunflowers

Another from my botanical series, with a trompe l’oeil effect to create a layered look.

Dying Tulip

The twisting petals and texture of wilting flowers fascinates me. I used a monochrome treatment to emphasise the graphic details.

One World Trade Center

The cloudy sky is reflected in the glass and metal of this iconic building in New York’s Manhattan. The viewpoint emphasises the height of the skyscraper and the monochrome treatment complements the hard edges and textures.