Lynn Wraith

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Apart from holiday snaps, Lynn started devoting time to photography when she retired.

Classing herself as a “Jack of all trades, master of none”, Lynn likes nothing more than being outdoors with her camera.

She combines her enjoyment of photography with her love to travel.

Across the Field

On a warm spring evening, I spotted this hare running “across the field”.    


I sat with my camera watching several hares run up and down the pea field.  Unfortunately, they were too far away for a decent image. However, I was just about to leave when one hare raced towards my location, stopped briefly, then carried on.  During the stop I managed to take 6 images.  I didn’t see the tongue sticking out until they were downloaded.

One More River to Cross

A group of three young male cheetahs and their mother trying to find a suitable point to cross the fast flowing river, which had grown vastly due to recent extreme wet weather conditions.


This portrait of a male lion caught the moment when he watched his mate walk away from him. 

Young Lioness

One late afternoon in Kenya I came across two young lionesses running around in the long grass.  After a long time tracking them, I eventually managed to get this shot.  

Sunset over the Wetlands

On a visit to Australia my family stayed on a farm in Gippsland, Victoria.  This was the view from our lodge one very warm summer’s evening.  

End in Sight, Castle Howard Triathlon

Taken this year at the Triathlon weekend event at Castle Howard, this competitor caught my eye as he raced towards the finish line.  I loved his unique water management system!