Paul Stevenson

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Dutch evening

Watching my wife, Mandy, knitting baby clothes, concentrating, and being lit by a stray beam of light, put me in mind of the techniques of the old Dutch masters, hence the title.

Fields of Barley

Walking near Terrington with my camera in an afternoon when the light was very flat, and in somewhat short supply, I took some shots with my 500mm mirror lens, which on my camera, is a 750mm equivalent, and a fixed aperture of f10. Tricky because its hand held, with a very fast shutter speed, and the ISO wound up to max. When I saw the results I was a little disappointed, but, with a bit of work, I got what I regard as a pleasing, atmospheric result.

Oil flower

Oil flower was created to go into our recent creative competition, but there was a bit of a mix up, and it was never judged. However, I like it, and Harry passed a positive opinion, so here it is.


It has been described as the best view in Yorkshire, and has been photographed many times by far better photographers than me. So, when I find myself standing at the top of Sutton Bank with my camera in my hand, I just have to have a go. The weather was very changeable, but I liked the sky, and I think it makes quite a dramatic shot.



On the same walk that got me to the previously described image 2, I shot a few of the poppies that were in amongst the barley. Most of the images I took were where there were quite a few poppies grouped together, but this single poppy stood out as the best shot.


This guy looks so intelligent, so all knowing, so cool, he deserved to be photographed.
I showed him the result on the screen of my camera after taking the shot, but he wasn’t impressed, but I was quite pleased.