Richard Burdon

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Like many people, I’ve always had a camera with which I used to record family holidays and other life events, but it was the early 90’s before I started to take my photography more seriously. In 1991, we went on the “holiday of a lifetime” to Africa and came back with 10 reels of absolute rubbish! So I decided to do something about it and joined Kirkbymoorside camera club to learn a bit more about photography and the rest, as they say, is history!


A simple studio arrangement of four Allium heads in glass jars.


Chives captured using a very shallow depth of field gives a slightly abstract look.


Lavender captured using a very shallow depth of field gives a slightly abstract look.


Llanddona beach captured using ICM (Intentional camera movement). This was our first visit to Llanddona beach on the Isle of Anglesey and I was taken by the vast horizontal stretches of this vast beach, so I felt that this technique really captured the essence of what I was seeing.


A simple image of a small clump of reeds reflected in a Hebredian lochan. This image was taken in monochrome, then the colours were inverted to give this dark image.


A simple studio portrait of a tulip flower. I loved the delicacy of this flower, so I felt the high key treatment suited it well.

Wain Wath Force

A long exposure image of the water tumbling over Wain Wath Force after heavy rain gives a dark, brooding image.