Steve Bell

All photographs are copyright of Steve Bell.
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Steve Bell is a photographer based in Helmsley. He has been commission by the North York National Park to produce specialist dark sky images and timelapse footage. Steve also works on a freelance basis with the BBC’s National History Unit and some of his work was recently featured on the BBC 2 documentary “A Wild Year”

Steve writes an informative blog on photography where he shares his thoughts as well as hints and tips. He runs workshops for photographers of all abilities across Yorkshire, Northumberland, Scotland and Iceland.

To see more of his work, read his blog and find all about with workshops that he runs, then you visit his website at –

Aurora Initials

The Northern Lights dancing over Skogafoss in Iceland. Made even more special as the initials of my Christian and middle name are S & W

Beach Hut Lights

The Northern Lights over the Beach Huts just North of Whitby on a magical September evening where the aurora danced non-stop for over 3 hours.

Falling Venus

A special night during “Lockdown” where Venus was captured falling in the western skies over a period of 90 minutes above Helmsley.

Into Eclipse

7 images of the full moon as its entered into and became a blood moon. Taken over a 90 minutes period from my garden in Helmsley.

Iridium Nights

The Milky way over Lysekil in Sweden. The bright light in the image is the reflection of sunlight off the solar panels of a passing satellite. Known as an Iridium Flare.

Milky Cove

The Milky way rising above Howick Haven in North Northumberland on a moonless night in September 2018.

Nebulas’ Of Orion

The Flame, Horsehead, Running Man and Orion Nebula’s within the constellation of Orion. Taken on a bitterly cold night in Northumberland. 120 * 90 second images were needed to create this image.

Ralph’s Nocto

The illusive but stunningly beautiful Noctilucent Clouds making an appearance behind Ralphs Cross on the North York Moors.